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Black Paper & Boards

Black is beautiful. Garnett Paper is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of black paper and boards to give your packaging an elegant appearance. Based on the different requirements of the clients, we customize the entire range of products offering various sizes and dimensions. The black paper and boards manufactured at Garnett Paper are made of 100% secondary fibers suitable for various applications.


  • Flexible
  • Excellent adhesion
  • No rub off
  • Recyclable
  • Bio-degradable

Technical specifications

Weight available (gm/m square) 80 - 530gsm
Roll size (cms) Width customizable
Sheet sizes (cms) 72 * 102 / 79 * 109 / 63.5 * 91.5
Packing 250 sheets ream paper, 125 sheets ream board, A4 size retail packets. We also consider specific requirements by color, shade, reel, sheet size/ weights and packing.